Apart from the public talk on Thursday, we are organizing other events, which are mainly intended for physics students. Of course other interested students (also from outside the University of Zurich) are welcomed to participate.

Some of the events need a pre-registration and have a small participation fee. The registration form can be found here.


* with registration

Wednesday, March 21st Zürich - Born To Be Wild Tour*
| The Zurich Physics Colloquium

Dinner (Wok Festival)*

Thursday, March 22nd Seminar for students
| Public talk
Friday, March 23rd Praliné-Workshop*
| Röstiplausch

Zürich - Born To Be Wild Tour

Wednesday, March 21st, 10:00 - ca. 12:30
Registration needed! 7 CHF contribution towards expenses

A City Tour along the wild and creative side of Zurich

Zurich lives from the tension between bourgeoisie and revolt or radical innovation. It appears in many variations, for example in the Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse, written in Zurich in 1926. In more recent times the Needle Park disaster or the sprayer of Zurich, Harald Nägeli could be mentioned.

The bourgeois self-understanding of Zurich was particularly disturbed in times of crisis, as during the two world wars. A huge influx of refugees mainly from Germany or Austria who had become politically or culturally homeless or persecuted like The Dadaists, James Joyce, Bert Brecht, Thomas Mann, etc. made Zurich a center of outstanding creativity. The City Theater was the only theater in german language with no censorship during the second world war.

The creativity of Zurich is also shown in the natural scientific disciplines, mainly psychology and physics, where Zurich has a world-wide appeal. A total of more than 60 Noble prices have been awarded to writers or scientists with a biography closely linked to Zurich.

Beyond this it is also little known that Zurich has gained international importance in the areas of drug policy, gay rights and women's rights - traditionally left-wing topics. This tour of the city is largely along the original sites and takes about 1.5 - 2 hours.

Highlights of the tour:
Einstein, Schrödinger, Joyce, Hesse, Lenin, Trotzki, Dada, CG Jung, Wagner
The tour is free. Collection in favor of the Zurich Winterhilfe.


The Zurich Physics Colloquium

Wednesday, March 21st at 16:15, HPV G4 at ETH Hönggerberg
no registration needed

Pushing & spinning atoms with light: from optical pumping to interferometry to atomtronics

For many decades physicists have used light, its polarization and momentum, to manipulate atoms. What began with incoherent light (from atomic vapor lamps) and incoherent atoms (thermal gases) has progressed to coherent (laser) light and coherent atoms (Bose-Einstein condensates). With these tools we create atomtronic circuits — atomic analogs of superconducting electric circuits — and observe quantum jumps between quantized circulation states.

Link to The Zurich Physics Colloquium Homepage

Apero after the Colloquium

Dinner (Wok Festival)

Wednesday, March 21st starting at around 18:00-18:30, Restaurant Waid in Zurich
Registration needed! 15 CHF participation fee

Enjoy a dinner with Dr. Phillips in this nice restaurant with a great view over the city. We will have a "Wok Festival" where you can enjoy various delicious courses cooked in a wok.

This events will take place right after the Zurich Physics Colloquium with Dr. Phillips. So we would recommend to check that out as well.

Seminar for Students

Thursday, March 22nd at 15:00-16:00, Room Y15-G-19
no registration needed

An informal seminar intended for Bachelor/Master/PhD students. Your chance to meet Dr. Phillips up close and ask your burning questions.

We encourage you to read some of the information on the info page or at least watch the videos on the subject so you are prepared to ask questions!

Public Talk

Thursday, March 22nd at 19:00, Lecture hall Y04-G-30
no registration needed

Go to the dedicated Public Talk's webpage


Friday, March 23rd 13:30 - 15:30, miniSchoggi (Wollishofen)
Registration needed! 20 CHF for FPU members, 25 CHF for others

Learn everything you need to know about cacao and the manufacturing of delicious Swiss chocolate in the renowned Praliné-Workshop by miniSchoggi! After receiving some background information, you will first be able to degustate different types of couverture and then learn how to prepare and fill your own praliné chocolate candy (which, of course, you can take home or eat right away). Our guest, William Phillips, will participate as well, thus this event will be a good occasion to get in touch in a practical and informal way.

More information on their website


Friday, March 23rd at 19:00, Cafeteria Atrium (Asia Mensa)
no registration needed

The closing highlight of this year's Albert Einstein Ehrengast will be a Röstiplausch with our guest at the Cafeteria Atrium on Friday evening. Get in touch with William Phillips, enjoy the delicious Swiss national dish and have fun! The Rösti will be offered by the Committee and there will be a bar where you can buy alcoholic drinks for a small contribution. See you there!